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How To Make My Garden Look Lush And Alive?

If you are tired of your garden looking dead and over grown all year long, here are a few tips to help you make it come alive and look like it’s flourishing…

Shaping up the existing trees and bushes

If your garden already has a lot of plants, trees and bushes, try to make use of them. Remove off and get rid of only the wild plants and plants that are harming the growth of the healthier plants around them. If you live n Sydney, then contact an arborist from Sydney tree Solutions PTY LTD based to remove the old and potentially dangerous trees. If you happen to have vines creeping up your trees, try to use them to create a lush picture instead of them making your garden look overrun and wild. Remember that some vines may actually be quite harmful to buildings and garden tiles; so those will have to be removed.

Planting the right kind of plants

How busy a person are you in general? Do you get to spend a lot of time with your plants? Or are you someone who can only give your plants a few minimum hours each week? Are you someone who can really take care of plants; or someone who kills off almost any plant they try to take care of? Think through these questions with care, as they will help you select the kind of plants ideal for your garden. For example; if you are someone who can spend a lot of time taking care of the garden; then introducing high maintenance plants to your garden is ok. If not, stick to succulents and other hard to kill off plants that hardly need attention to survive and thrive.

Mixing it all up

If you want to make sure your garden looks lush and thriving all year long, then along with researching the right tree removal in Chatswood based services, it’s also necessary that you research your local plants. Find out what plants bloom or look their best for each season. This helps you have a mixture of plants that can, together, create a garden that never withers. If possible, you should also check out night and day blooming flowers for the same reason.

Knowing that a little presentation goes a long way

It takes more that simple plants, trees and bushes to make a garden feel alive and flourishing. Sometimes, how you present them also plays a large part in making it look alive. Make sure to select the right color for your outside walls so they help your greenery stand out…instead of blending in. The right colors for fences, pots and even the right kind of pathway stones make a much bigger difference than you think.

The Benefits Of Dark Chocolate

Chocolate is a beautiful food item that craves our satisfactions. There are a few types of cocoa based products which milk are, sweet, dark and white chocolate. The most healthiest is the dark cocoa. It can be consumed as your snack rather than eating the other three types which will lead to weight gain and diabetes.

Why is dark chocolate healthy? The benefits of it has been listed below.

Sugar content

Dark cocoa based products have seventy percent of cocoa content which means that there is a less percentage of milk and sugar used in it. When comparing brands, you might realise that the percentage of sugar and milk components differ to one another but the there is seventy percent of cocoa being used. It is one of the perfect healthy chocolate snacks that is available.


This food item stimulates dopamine which is a hormone that makes you feel satisfied and good about yourself. Serotonin is the calm and relaxing hormone which can be achieve through chocolate as well. That is why many people have a good relationship with this food type. Therefore, buy healthy chocolate products with a higher cocoa percentage.

Portion control

A small piece of dark chocolate is enough to be enjoyed and feel satisfied. You would not feel guilty or shamed about yourself.

Less junk

Dark cocoa treats make you feel full in your tummy which means that you will consume less junk food. It reduces the cravings that one has for sweet, fatty or salty foods.

Calming effect

Dark chocolate contains a great quantity of magnesium than the other three types which is needed for bodily functions such as muscle contraction, cardiovascular functions and for relaxing of the mind and body. You might not like the bitter taste at the very beginning which is why you should have a small quantity and first and then gradually have a balanced portion that goes hand in hand with you diet.

For your pregnancy

For those women who are pregnant, a piece of dark cocoa goes a long way to help the mother feel calm and for the baby as well. The mood affecting benefits of it is said to be affecting the baby as well.

Boosting metabolism and weight loss

Those who try to lose weight always try to find ways to increase the rate of metabolism by drinking a lot of water or consuming food that increases it. Dark chocolate is one of those food items that stimulates the metabolism. As if makes you feel that you full, it helps you lose weight because it is unlikely that you will need to put some more food into your system.

Get lost in the tastes of cocoa and enjoy the benefits of dark chocolate.